Welcome to my digital playground, where I turn coffee into code, bugs into features, and deadlines into adrenaline-fueled coding marathons.

If laughter is the best debugging tool, consider this portfolio a well-tested masterpiece. Remember, my code might not always be bug-free, but my jokes are guaranteed to crash your browser—just kidding!

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Lovlesh Pokra

Experienced Software Professional

Hey, my name is Lovlesh! With nearly decade of experience in software development, I bring technical prowess and architectural insight to every project. My track record includes delivering high-quality applications, managing product lifecycles, and supporting cross-functional teams. From Healthcare to Travel and e-commerce, I’ve led the development of innovative solutions. Expect excellence from a skilled software engineer with a proven record.


The shameless self-promotion bit

This is a bit awkward... let’s get real. Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of oops moments—failures, setbacks, the whole shebang. But guess what? Those little hiccups? They’re like gold nuggets in disguise. They’ve taught me stuff—like, real-world, no-bull lessons—that textbooks can’t touch. And you know what else? They’ve given me the power to talk about 'em, whether it’s over coffee or in a well-crafted email.

A strong technical background

I’ve spent almost a decade working with software. I know how to build high-quality apps and manage projects. From Healthcare to Travel and e-commerce, I’ve led innovative projects. Think of me as a skilled software engineer who’s committed to excellence.

Developing apps since 2015

Since 2015, I’ve been designing apps. My experience spans various domains, global teams, and product lifecycles. I’ve learned teamwork and leadership, working from startups to consulting firms.

I've won awards

Throughout my career, I’ve received several accolades and recognitions. Notably, I’ve been honored with the "Customer Choice Award" and the "Award of Excellence" by Coforge. Additionally, I’ve been named "Emerging Employee of the Year" and "Emerging Technocrat of the Year" by Pratham.

Writings on

In my free time, I write articles on Medium. You can explore my blog, where I cover topics related to JavaScript, development, and processes.

An advocate of principle

I advocate for leveraging User-Centered Design, Lean, and Agile principles to create digital products. This learning mindset empowers me to explore solutions, create the right ones, and build them effectively.

Solving problems

I’ve actively helped others by solving problems on StackOverflow. I also create tools (npm modules) to solve common issues for fellow developers. My problem-solving skills extend to platforms like HackerRank and HackerEarth, where I continually improve and earn certificates.

Need a hand?

I have two.

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